Sweet Caroline

Let me tell you a story about a little girl named Caroline…

She had just had her 8th birthday when I met her, and she was sitting at a little plastic FisherPrice table coloring a picture.  I introduced myself to her, she stared at me with eyes that told me I was being utterly ridiculous for trying to have a conversation with her, and I began my 3 years as her nanny a week later.  My first day on the job she still would not talk to me.  I watched in surprise as she played the piano and sang songs at the top of her lungs while I could not get even one syllable.

Sometime over those 3 years as her nanny Caroline decided that she liked me.  I watched her graduate from elementary school, we spent summers out by the pool, she handed out programs at my wedding, I moved away, and we still kept in touch.

Caroline came to visit us in Texas last weekend, 5 years into our relationship and counting.  I adore her!  C, thanks for coming to see our humble little apartment, for “hiking” in the park with us, and for making us laugh so hard.  We love you so much.

At the pumpkin patch!!






Zilker park


photo cred Adam Bedenbaugh


Life, iphones, funny people in the park


coffee shops


She's beautiful. Photo credit Caroline :)


We were more than excited to share her first pumpkin carving, first solo flight, first trip to Texas, first time seeing bats, and first time at the Alamo Drafthouse.  We really, really love her.  Happy times, Caro!  See you in 3 weeks when we move to SC :)


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