Blankets, inspiring days

It’s that sweet time of year when you have to put a couple of extra blankets on your bed, and you have to close your windows before you tuck yourself in so it’s not too cold.

Your electric bills are super inexpensive due to amazing weather, and drinking a cup of coffee upon waking seems appropriate, even if you don’t usually drink coffee to get you going in the morning.

Your Real Simple magazine came in the mail, and it’s the November issue.  That means you read it slowly, all day, because it’s so full of great things like Thanksgiving and black Friday and food.  You grab your Bible, notebook and pen, magazine, cup of coffee, and spend all day cozied on the couch alternating reading materials.

Speaking of black Friday… you should go ahead and begin your drafts of christmas gifts and ideas people you want to buy presents for.  And you should put all of your extra money into the gift giving fund so that you can afford it.  Then, when you realize that there isn’t going to be much in that fund, you immediately get on pinterest to inspire yourself to motivate yourself to get really excited about doing everything homemade this year.  Yes, everything homemade.  Even gifts for your brothers and fathers.

I just realized that I’m about a month late with my Christmas who I want to buy/make for list.  Errrr… it’s because I’m moving in 3 weeks.  I can’t believe it’s that time again, already.  Gift season, not moving season.  Although I can’t believe that time is almost her either.

Adam and I ate breakfast this week out in the fall, with our cups of coffee and bagels, in our vacation home in Georgetown (thanks Nancy) about our future.  We really, really want to start a homemade business.  Real bad.  We have good ideas, great ideas, lots of ideas.  Most ideas we have no clue how to start.  Some ideas we have little clues on how to get started. An idea or two we might start when we get back to Columbia.  I’m really excited but, as with most things, we’ll see how this plays out.  I wish I could get paid to be a wife and stay at home mommy.  Hence the home business dreams.  Home. Business. Dreams.

Soaking up these stay at home days with Ad before the change season comes, y’all.



3 thoughts on “Blankets, inspiring days

  1. The poor men, that one wasn’t so easy to figure out. I’ll just tell you what I made. It was more of a “couples” thing. Each couple got: 4 dinner napkins, 1 rice heating bag, 1 apron. So, I suppose the heating bag was for the mens; napkins for the house; apron for the womens.


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