Birthday balloons

It’s my birthday today!  What a sweet sweet day it has been so far.  I woke up (at midnight) to my husband’s “Happy happy happy happy birthday!”, and again this morning to a box at my front door full of balloons from my sweet friends.  I got to eat my favorite breakfast (bagels), and my favorite lunch (panini with a side of butterfinger), and I get to eat my favorite dinner (a surprise, but Adam assures me it’s my favorite!).

This afternoon we went to the lake, sat under the trees, took a nap with the breeze on our faces, and maybe posed for a couple of pictures.  What a precious day.  Happy birthday, blog of mine!  Wherever you are out there, do me a favor and celebrate my birthday for me.  Eat your favorite food today, take a nap if you want to, enjoy little moments with your sweetheart.  Cheers!


Photo credit Adam Bedenbaugh



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