Finishing strong

Hi blog!

Only 3 days until October begins, and I’m so ready.  Hubby and I just shared a grapefruit Izzy and walked through some old antique shops in Belton.  Now we are reading books and blogging at the coffee shop.  It’s so sunshiny today.

I looked over this list I posted around the beginning of the year (New Years!) and actually found that I did, in most ways, complete my little list of 5 things.

1. I did go on a crazy diet, just not the kind I had planned.  ex: gluten free

2. Exercise is kind of an ongoing process.

3.  I wrote a blog every day for the month of January!

4. I did organize and clean out a lot of things, and that is also an ongoing thing for me.

5. Photography has improved massively.  Still working on that class, but I did get my first paying job!  Growing leaps and bounds.


Since this season is ending in a lot of big ways, I thought I’d make a new list of 5 for the rest of the year.

1. Sew a garment that I really love in every way.  (machine or crochet)

2. Find the best homemade gluten free recipe for: chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, and cupcakes.

3. Let my home be open to friends and family with a warm kitchen, sweet conversations, and some kind of dinner party at least once a month.

4. Do something with our bedroom that I really love.

5. Lose these last 10 pounds. (Wish me luck with this and my number 2 goal!)

Tips?  Tutorials?  Recipes?  :D




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