A brief winter interjection and a birthday bit

I’ve been in Strabucks going on 5 hours now.  It’s totally wintertime in here, despite what the weather outside says.  Adam and I biked here, and I wish I had thought to bring my booties.  The nice girl behind the counter gave us both free refills… she is so sweet!

I’ve said this a hundred times, but it’s such a cool season for us.  I love that I get to sit by my husband while he works.  I love that God might give me nice weather on my birthday.  I love that we don’t have a lot of any extra money to spend, but yet we are so incredibly blessed.  We have so much.  I just registered at every website possible that gives me free desserts and presents on my birthday.  I have no wish list this year.  (That doesn’t mean I’m not accepting gifts :))  It just means I’m basking in the beauty of simple and sweet things.

On my birthday-

I’m going to wear my favorite clothes, and maybe do my hair, and paint my fingernails really slowly.

I’m going to use the last of my rose lotion that I’ve been saving for a special occasion.

I’m going to let my husband or somebody do a photo shoot of me, or of us together, instead of the other way around.

I’m going to go out to all of those places and get free desserts and I’m going to eat them all.  And I’m so excited about it.


We’ve been cleaning out things in preparation for the big move.  Some things we totally don’t want to load up for a cross country trip.  It’s kind of a fresh start, I’d say.  I’m only bringing my most favorite things.  Who knows where God will put us, you know?  No need for too many extras.  I’d like to live with just my favorite essentials anyway.  Simple.  Beautiful.  Things I actually love.

And what do I do with all of those other things?  Sentimental or otherwise useful that I don’t know about.  Maybe I want to throw them away and maybe I want to keep them.  Maybe I want to sell them or turn them into something to sell on etsy.  (Does etsy work anyway?  I don’t know if my skills are good enough)  Maybe on my birthday I will decide.  And I’ll make myself a caramel apple to celebrate.

or maybe

My friends will come over and we will all make caramel apples together.

Did I tell you that I did a Christmas photo shoot?  A Christmas photo shoot!  Here is a little sample.

Haha!  I decided to save the real Christmasy ones for the family to debut closer to December 25, so I’ll show you later.  But this one’s cute too, huh?




4 thoughts on “A brief winter interjection and a birthday bit

  1. If you and Adam were sitting in my starbucks (which would be a dream come true) I’d be so, so happy. We’d share drinks and stories and memories and dreams. I wish I could come to see you on your birthday. One day, let’s celebrate our birthdays together. :-)


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