I’m kind of a late pinterest bloomer.  Or an early one, I can’t really tell yet.  Either way, you should get on there.  It’s awesome!  You get to pin things you like on virtual pin boards.  It’s like an entire inspiration/recipe/photography/idea/gift room, and you don’t even have to clean out your office to make it.  So cool.

Here are some pins that I’ve pinned.  I hope it inspires you to do something exciting and fun.  Or, at least, get on pinterest.

outside movies. I want to make this for my birthday party


floating candles, mason jars, hay, perfect


over the water, in my one day backyard


gelato... it's gluten free


If, you know, my uncle david ever got his hands on my feet


I'm allergic to kitties, but seriously


Alexandra Valenti photography... can I please take pictures like these?


I want to make this for my little girls to dream in


Be inspired.  I can’t get off pinterest.




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