The dog days

Summer isn’t over here in the Southwest.  When they said there would be 100 days over 100 degrees they weren’t joking.  I don’t know why I ever thought that was an exaggeration, it’s still 108 here every day.  Even though school is starting back up and the little ones have to go to school in stuffy uniforms.  Even though Target already has about 5 pairs of awesome moccasins on display, and cozy sweaters are lining all of the outlet store windows.  Even though most of the upper half of the US is experiencing wondrously cool breezes.  We are still here, in the dog days.  Those days when all you want to do (or can actually do) is sprawl out on the linoleum kitchen floor in your skivvies and down large glasses of cold water.  We wait until after 9pm to do any kind of physical activity.  We sit inside dreaming of anything cold and praying that God brings fall soon.

Still, these dog days are begging me to like them.

Sometimes I am too quick to jump to the next thing in life.  I’ve spent the last few months truly and honestly ready and waiting to leave this place.  I still am ready, I still am waiting, but my heart will rest here.  My heart will rest in the Lord and these last few weeks of dog days.  Certainly (if we have any say in the matter), it will be our last summer here.  So I will soak up the big sunsets and the open road.  I’ll soak up the heat and the haze, the Tex-Mex and the brisket.  I’ll photograph these experiences and nestle them my memory.

Summer is to my heart, the glowing sun and fireflies.

The piano songs and honey bees.

Summer is the sweaty sheets, the novels in my sweetie’s eyes.

The creamy tart of frozen treats.

The evening stars and sea breeze.


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