The dangling carrot


Remember that time I told you that I had a new nephew?  Well he is 16 days old today.  I am as in love with him as ever, even though I haven’t seen him since he was just 1 day old.  He came out of the womb sucking his thumb and as content as ever.  He enjoys the world, just being snuggled and sleeping and sucking on that thumb.  I’m going to photograph him when I go visit my sister again in a couple of weeks.  It’ll be my first baby shoot, and he’s the perfect baby.  I’ll be sure to take some pictures of that thumb and those little feet.

Adam has been writing a lot lately, but graduation is still beyond our grasps at this point.  That little carrot continues to dangle in front of our noses.  And the truth is it stinks big time.  And the bigger truth is that it’s incredible to see how God is working through it.  Like, for example, the news that we have an opportunity to go to EUROPE for CHRISTMAS!  AH!  We are excited, and it’s something that has literally just fallen into our laps.  Also, if we were in SC at this point, we would probably have missed that.  We’re prayerfully excited about spending Christmas Eve in the markets of Switzerland and Christmas morning drinking coffee in snow covered Germany.  Praise the Lord for his sweetness, and for exciting things like this.

I’m headed to SC on September the 1st to celebrate the wedding of my best childhood friend, do little Gideon’s photo shoot, and spend a nice vacation at the beach in North Myrtle.  Following that will hopefully be fall time here in Texas, and if you know me, you know that I can write about all things fall.  My birthday and the fair are coming up in October, Thanksgiving in November, Paris/Kandurn in December, and hopefully a big move at some point in 2011.  If not, we still trust God and will still be in Texas come the new year.  So that means you all still have time to come visit us here!  Anyone?





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