Two Saturdays ago, my friends Megan and Andrew had their wedding reception at the very same place I had mine.  It was sweet to be back celebrating marriage in that place!  They got married back in May and have been living in the cutest little house in Cottontown.  Adam and I want to move there when we get back to Columbia.  It’s very precious and has lots of trees, one thing we’ve been missing out here in Texas… amongst other things.

I carried my camera around like a purse until it got to hard to take pictures and hold my drink at the same time.  Food won out over taking pictures, as usual.  But these ones are cuties.


Cheers!  After that everyone stayed up late talking on 3 or 4 different back porches late into the night.  I’ve missed my friends.  I love summer nights.

Sometimes I think about what life will be like when we get back home.  So different in a lot of ways.  Adam and I are married now, and so are most of our friends, so dynamics are different.  Dinner parties instead of girl’s sleepovers.  Baby showers instead of bridal showers.  Saturday brunch instead of Tuesday late night coffee.  The truth is, I’m excited for it.  I want to have back yard family barbecues and big screen movie nights.  I want to have themed parties and Bible studies.  I want to have Friday night cocktail hour and an open house dinner policy at least once a week.  It’s all day dreams really.  I have a brand new NEPHEW that I’ll want to cuddle and I want to take my daddy out swing dancing.  He’d like that.  We’ll both have real jobs again.  We’ll pay off student loans, and decorate our backyard with stringed light bulbs.  All things we’ve talked about and look forward to.

I don’t know why we can’t do that here in Texas.  Maybe because our little apartment can’t fit very many people.  Maybe because our friend’s here are kind of hodged podged, and it doesn’t just happen.

Anyway, it was a great celebration for those two lovebirds.  I’m glad I got to be there for it.


NEPHEW!  He was born on Sunday, and I’ll have to tell you all about him.  He is perfect.


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