A little summer rain storm


South Carolina dear.

I am not on my computer, so I can’t upload pictures YET, but boy do I have some good ones to share with you.

This trip has been so fantastic.  It’s raining here, I’m in my pajamas, cuddled on the couch, getting ready to start a movie.  It’s been quite the weekend.  Ellen and I drove 20 hours to SC (2 hours at the Mazda dealership fixing the ac) and by the end of the trip we were singing at the top of our lungs and pounding our fists into the ceiling to stay awake.  We arrived in Colatown at 1:30 AM.  Megan and Andrew had their big wedding party the next day, I visited my sister in Sumter yesterday, and I had my very first sweet sweet paying photo shoot gig for my very best friend today.  We have undoubtedly been blessed beyond belief, and it has been incredible.

Every night we stay up later than my body agrees with hanging out with friends on the back porch.  Every day we drink a lot of coffee to keep on going.  Every minute I’m missing my beloved husband in Texas and wishing he was here with me.  It would be that much better with him here.

Ellen and I went out into the pouring rain tonight to go swing dancing.  Neither of us packed good shoes and took a little detour to Walmart to get some Keds.  There were none , so we went to the candy aisle instead, of course! We came out with nacho supplies and some chocolate chips to eat in bed while we watch movies.  Sugar and fat?  Midnight snack on the air mattress?  Nachos?  Dancing in the rain?

It is vacation after all.



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