The Civil Wars

Last week Waterloo Records put on a FREE show by The Civil Wars, and it was incredible.  I didn’t get to meet them, but I did sneak up to take a few pictures.  Enjoy the beauty that is Joy Williams and John Paul White.  (Side note: Joy used to babysit Kayla! How awesome is that?)

We had to stand on our tiptoes and lean to the left to get a good glimpse. I mostly just closed my eyes and listened. And looked at cd covers.

Signing records

Joy Joy Joy, always smiling

(I would put the videos up on my blog, but my computer is not cooperating.  You can look for them on my facebook soon!)

Following was a picnic in the park.  We packed peanut butter and jellies for Adam, spinachgarlicmushroomfetacheese tacos for Ellen and me, 6 slices of chocolate cake, chips and pico, and strawberries.  We feasted under the tress.

mexican picnic blankets


Picnics and free concerts is how we like to roll.  I’m going to SC again this weekend for a lot of days and some more weddings, and we are picnicking the whole way there and back.  My current to do list is real big, and I need some recipes for the drive that are this:


Gluten Free

Can be kept in the cooler but don’t need microwaving


Any ideas?  All I can think of is chips and protein bars.  Thanks to everyone who commented on what makes them happy.  It made me so proud!


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