Today’s blog is brought to you by a cute heart shaped letter handwritten by my handsome husband waiting for me on my bedside table when I woke up this morning!

It’s also brought to you by leftover sausage and egg casserole from Com group last night.  Also by almond milk.  Also by the leftover flourless chocolate cake that I’m bound to have a slice of by the time this post is over.  Big sigh.  I am so full of happy!

It all started with vacation to PA.  My Adam and I had time to be together and talk about things without any distractions.  We spent a week full of incredible love from our family, and incredible fun.  We went on that latte date that totally refreshed my soul.

We cocooned a little bit when we got back to town, and the blessings have been coming ever since.  We went on another latte date Friday and made a shortened version of our Texas Bucket List.  A sweet friend offered me a part time job for whenever I need it, and it’s a great help to her too.

I hung out with some beautiful girl’s all Sunday afternoon making some yarn balls for my friend Cortney’s wedding.

You would never know just by looking, but in those cups is raspberry lemonade!

Assembly line

Natasha Guapa Cuervo

Cutie pa tooties

The bride to be herself!

We made 50 of these babies! So, so proud.

We won a hundred dollars from our new favorite couple friends.  I got to eat a feast at Com group last night because someone made a flour-less chocolate cake (that I mentioned above) that they knew I could eat.  And then we stayed late and laughed with other couple friends.  AND THEN I got the best email from my new sister that made my heart soar.  The hard things have been so so hard, and the high’s have been so so high.

All of those very precious things, more precious than I know what to do with.  I feel so inspired.  I feel overflowing with love for my husband and family.  I feel like creating and writing again.  I made a big list of all the things I want to make this week.  We are going camping on the Frio River this weekend.  We are going to a free Civil Wars concert today!

The Lord sustains yes, and He blesses beyond measure.

What are you so excited about/happy about/blessed about/in love with?  Share please!



8 thoughts on “Happy

  1. erin, what a blessing!! our lives are so full. and i love it when we can recognize how truly blessed we are. my heart was full of happy as i read this post. i can’t wait to hang out with you and adam this afternoon at the civil wars concert. you are a gift. i love you.


  2. I”m happy that we’re going to NYC to see Nicholas Alan Mann turn 21 on Saturday! I ‘m blessed because my mama and daddy are willing (even at their age) to watch Jace and Angel while we’re gone, and Luke is responsible enough to keep Robert until the sitter comes to spend the nights with them! I’m in love with my hubby of 23 plus years who is taking me on yet another date tonight to eat our favorite! WINGS!….he never complains when I’ve had a busy day and don’t cook, he just takes me out!!!! I’m happy because, as I type, my 5 year old asked me by pointing to his head….”what do you think I’m thinkin’ mommy?”…and I said….”hmmmm, I don’t know”…and he said…”I love you to the sun and back, and that’s a really long time to get there cause daddy said if you get on a train it will take 93 years!”…. :)


    • I am so excited for you Mrs. Randa! Your babies are precious, and I can’t wait to hear about your trip to NYC!


  3. I love yarn balls and the Civil Wars! and I love you even more. Your blogs make me realize that I take way too much for granted. I love life a little more each time I read about your days in Texas. Can’t wait to see you back in Columbia, but enjoy that big ol’ state while you can! And a little bit for me too..I miss it dearly.


    • Oh golly Allison, I love you a little more each time you facebook/blog/text message me. I think I’m going to miss Texas greatly too, I’m soaking it all up. I’ll give it a big hug for you. I’ll also bring you back any present that you want OR you can just come visit me while I’m still here :)


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