The McPhersons

Bucky and Kayla’s wedding, part 3.

July 2nd, 2011

Sauderton, Pennsylvania

It was the most beautiful day of the year.  After a very fun rehearsal dinner and reception decorating the night before, we had gotten to bed quite late.  I woke up at 6:30 AM in a comfy hotel bed, immediately agonized over how to wear my hair, just like I did for my wedding.  In both cases, I ended up choosing a pony tail (as I always do when I don’t know how to wear my hair/how I wear my hair every day).  We met at the church to help Kayla get ready, take pictures with Carmen, and spend time together before Kayla walked down the aisle.  I spent most of the morning trying not to cry, for sure.  I remember standing in the back of the church at 10 in the morning, making eye contact with the groomsman I was walking down the aisle with, and feeling like everything was perfect.  Except that it came too soon, and that I couldn’t believe the wedding was actually happening right this minute.  I can always count on Stephen (the groomsman) to make me laugh, and as soon as we met up in the middle of the church he cracked a joke about my shoes.  Perfect perfect perfect for making sure I didn’t weep my way through the processional.

45 minutes, some handwritten vows, tears and happiness streaming down my face, newly weds, and a very fun dance out of the church later, it was time for the reception.  We ate bacon, crepes, omelets, coffee, BRUNCH.  So. Delicious.  We caught up with old friends and new friends.  We danced.  And we danced and danced and danced.

It was actually the most fun wedding I’ve ever been to.  At the end of the day, Adam and I were so honored to be able to drive Bucky and Kayla down to Philly for the beginning of their honeymoon.  It was precious to get to spend time with them, straight out of the wedding day, new marriage and new family.  I am so excited for them, achingly excited even.

Mr. and Mrs. McPherson

Bucky and Kayla made the sweetest slideshow of pictures of them growing up to the tune of Taylor Swift (and some other musicians).  If you want to cry and think about how Bucky is my little baby brother you can go listen to “Never Grow Up”.  I’ve been tearing up all week, so it’s ok if that happens to you too.

We ended the day, my baby and me, in Philadelphia on a latte date.  The best latte’s we’ve ever had in our lives.  We talked about our life together, and our marriage, and were inspired in so many ways.  I don’t know how to say how refreshing this week was to our hearts.  It was everything we needed from the Lord and our families to finish out this season and start new seasons.  Bucky and Kayla, we are so proud of you, and thank you for loving us so much and for letting us love on you too.

With all of the love we have, congratulations.


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