Plans, parties, and people love

Bucky and Kayla’s wedding week, part 2.

The rest of wedding week were days packed full with wedding planning and preparation.  I mostly ran errands with my family members to pick up bridal party gifts, decorations, and all the things for the rehearsal dinner.  My mom finished sewing all of our bridesmaids dresses, my Memaw ironed all of the groomsmen’s suits, and I spent the entire Tuesday in bed with a kidney stone (of course, right?).  Tuesday night the girls celebrated Kayla and the boys went out to celebrate Bucky.  I was still groggy from painkillers, but I had the best dinner of my entire life, ate cheesecake from heaven, got to know the bridesmaids, and watched Kayla celebrate her last sleepover with the ladybugs.

Nana loving on her baby

Sweet hearts

Our evening family picnics after busy days of getting ready for the sweet wedding day.

The upper half of Memaw's hard work!


And yes, my Memaw is wearing an iphone in her shirt so she can listen to music and books on itunes while she irons.


I don’t really know if I could pick a favorite week of my whole life… there are a few that stick out to me very clearly.  But this week is on that list of definite favorites.  I loved watching Bucky and Kayla fall more in love with each other as the excitement of the wedding day and beginnings of marriage were just a few days away.  I loved my whole family being in one house.  I loved seeing how everyone was involved with preparations, how everyone served each other and got things done.  I loved that my husband met some of his favorite people, got to hang out with guys that love him, got to cook for a crowd, got to explore new cities.  I love that I got to spend time with my new sister and old sister together.  I loved the perfect weather.  I loved the celebrations!

If I could change one thing, it would be to remember to bring my camera into every single room I went so that I could capture all of the love.  As it was, I was too busy enjoying everyone.

Rehearsal dinner love birds


I love weddings.  And if I could re-live this week again and again I would.  It was so good for our souls.

(Wedding day coming soon!)






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