Date Night to Princeton

Bucky and Kayla’s wedding week, part 1.

You should know that I’ve only been to Princeton twice, despite living just down the road from it for almost a year.  If I could change one thing about all of my months in PA it would be my intense fear of driving in the north.  They honk a lot, throw up their hands, make you pay a bunch of tolls, etc… but if you ever get the chance to go to Princeton, please go!  It is beautiful.

An ivy league school (literally covered in ivy) amidst the beautiful backdrop of the quaintest town, full of rich history, a hundred ice cream coffee shops, perfect boutique stores of all kinds, barely any automobiles, cathedrals, intelligence.  Oh I could skip around with my school satchel and camera all day long just to capture the spirit of Princeton.  That’s my plan someday.  This trip was just like the title says it was.  Date night.

We celebrated River’s family birthday with cupcakes, presents, and bubbles first.

Homemade by ad! I piped the icing... anyone wanna hire me to decorate their cakes?

We waited for the sun to go down, put on some good tunes, hopped up the highway, and kicked off celebration week the sweetest way possible!

A little hand holding on the city streets

man conversations about beards

Kaybear and Bug

Impromptu photoshoot take 1

take 2

Party like it's River's birthday



2 thoughts on “Date Night to Princeton

  1. the cupcakes were beautiful. can i hire you to take photos and make cupcakes for every event of my life?!? that way, we’ll never lose touch…even when you move back to south carolina.


    • Ellen, forever and always. I’ll make you cupcakes just so I can see you. Besides, you’ll probably move to South Carolina too.


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