Road trippins


In approximately 6 hours we will be on the road to home.  2 days, 1 wedding, and 1,716 miles later we will be in Pennsylvania!  In 10 days we will be heading back to our humble abode in Texas.  Talk about a road trip.

There are so many things to look forward to!

1. Being in the car with my hubs and our 50 hour playlist.

2. Home

3. Watching Megan and Austin get married

4. My sister’s very pregnant belly and her very cute 3 year old

5. Sewing with my momma

6. Newtown and Princeton

7. Bachelorette Party

8. McPherson/Bryant wedding festivities galore

9. The 4th of July

Prayers for our journey are coveted.

I’ll upload pictures of lovely things all week.  I promise.  But no promises.



One thought on “Road trippins

  1. have a wonderful tim!! Road trips are the most wonderful thing with your sweetheart. To be together, to laugh together, to talk together, to sleep (okay i take naps and he continues to drive, but knowing he’s by my side makes me happy) soo sweet for married couples. Have a wonderful trip!
    love ya muah!!


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