(not) Talented

Almost 3 years ago my sweet little niece was born.  Her birthday is next week, and I was just flipping through her birth pictures.  I am immediately amazed at how incredible babies are, and how beautiful birth is.  I’m also extremely embarrassed at the pictures I took.  They are all terrible in the midst of the sweetness.  My camera had a setting that was called “Candle”.  At the time I thought that meant soft light.  It actually means orangedy orange orange.  Despite my terrible understanding of this and the red cheeks and low heart I get when I fiddle through those old beautiful pictures, there are a few gems.  How sweet is this?


I had a talk with my singer friend today about our talents.  She is incredible and just got finished recording some songs in the studio.  She will be famous, but she thinks she’s not that good.  Kind of like how an obese person might feel fat even after they lose 100 pounds.  This encouraged me so much because I feel like that newly healthy obese person.  I feel like I’m terrible at the things I put my hand to, but then I saw that picture of my pregnant sister right before the most beautiful child I have ever seen was born.  It makes me feel humble and awed, and I took that picture.  3 years ago.  When candle setting meant good pictures in my mind.  I might not have a lot of good pictures of that sweet (3) days, but I have this one.  And it’s all hers.  All my sister’s, all little baby girl’s.  I really have nothing to do with it, and I love that.  Praise the Lord.



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