Drips of icecream down my chin

It’s 2 days into June, and I’m eating the most delicious soy icecream ever.  The laundry is almost finished, just some towels left to fold and a bathing suit to wash in the sink real quick.  The bed is made, dishwasher emptied.  I could probably vacuum and the floor boards could be dusted, but it’s summer.  I already went to work, came home, took a bubble bath, watched the newest episode of “Pregnant in Heels”, and I’m almost done with my book!  I’m reading The Help, perfect for lazy days.  I want to finish it before our “So You Think You Can Dance” party tonight!

SYTYCD just might be my favorite show.  If I could have any talent immediately, right now, totally totally fluent and skilled, it would be dancing.  Followed closely by singing, painting, instrument playing, sewing, cooking, marathon running, etc.  But there’s just something about doing something with your whole body and soul that attracts me to dancing.  It’s the most fun thing I’ve ever done.  I like watching other people do it.  I.e. SYTYCD parties.  Aka a bunch of people squeezed into my living room with bowls of popcorn, m&ms, and sangria topped with oranges.

I normally argue fall as my favorite time of year, hands down, but there is just something about these days that I can’t get enough of right now.  They are perfect.  I love driving the 30 minutes to work in the morning talking to God.  I love the wildflowers that are in my breakfast room window.  I love the sunburn on the tops of my shoulders.  I love my husband’s sweaty hair when he gets home from work.  I love fresh blackberries.  I love afternoon naps.

Happy summer, Happy Summer.


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