Too much

Is the air a little stale in here?  I know, and I’m sorry.  Two weeks ago, Adam and I suddenly inherited 3 sweet girls for a week while their parents went on vacation.  Their other babysitter had to cancel, but we had a serious blast.  It gave us a good taste of what family life could be like for us someday.  We LOVED it.  Loved it.  We are also very happy to be able to sleep in again.  There is nothing more precious and more given to sighs than a little girl tiptoeing into your room at 6 in the morning with a huge grin on her face declaring that it’s morning time.  Someday that day will come for us on a regular basis.  For now, we are happy waking up at 11 on Saturdays.

This week, Adam’s daddy came to visit us!  We went on a ton of road trips and ate entirely too much.

So here we are.  This is my last week of work at my old job, I’m starting a new job the following week, and trust me… I’ll have a lot of time on my hands to talk to you guys about all of the exciting things that are going on.  For now, I’m going to go nap.  Yum.


One thought on “Too much

  1. I looked at your blog again today (as I do a couple times a week) and was SO SO SO SO SO excited to see you’d written again. I love reading what you write- I feel like I’m almost in Texas with you. Less than 40 days until I see you.


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