Bread, flappers, and beauty marks

I asked Adam today if I could have a fake beauty mark on my face like Lady Gaga.  He said no.  (It’s important to note here that there is nothing else about Lady Gaga I would like to copy).  I just think they are cool.  I used to babysit a little girl who has an awesome red one her cheek that I wanted very much.  You might not like them, and that’s ok.  I’m thinking about doing a photo shoot of myself with a cool hair do, red lips, and a fake beauty mark.  1920’s esque. Who’s joining me?

To follow up on the previous post, we are so blessed.  So, so unexplainably blessed.  We were already like that, but the fresh water just keeps on pouring.  I actually do not have a free day scheduled until June.  AND I have a job!  Praise the Lord!  I’m literally up to my eyelids in babysitting jobs, and that’s cool because it’s my specialty.  I’m a professional nanny.  What?  I thought I was kind of a professional nothing and then I realized that I am, in fact, a pro at something.  Whoa.

Anyways, Adam and I have been dreaming lately about our future.  This mostly stems from being sleepy of working so much away from each other and away from the homestead.  Our newest dream entails a gluten free bakery.  I’m talking like Babycakes NYC.  There’s not a strictly gluten free bakery of any kind in Columbia, so YES!  If this comes to fruition, you guys can expect food fit for Celiac’s that tastes like it came straight from the wheat aisle.  Adam sold his very first loaf(ves) of Ciabatta today!  Way to go baby!  So there, already on the right track.

Here’s what I’m thinking…

A movie, wine, dinner night.  Dress up like it’s 1920 something.  We’ll make some homemade bread and play some good music.  And I’ll take pictures!

Who’s in?


3 thoughts on “Bread, flappers, and beauty marks

  1. you are beautiful! I can’t wait for you to move back. when you do, you can teach me how to cook gluten-free for you! i can’t wait for you to see our house, and i am keeping my eyes peeled for nearby rentals so we can walk to each other’s homes


  2. You can call it Bedenbaugh’s Bakery and Brew.
    Cupcakes and brew (coffee) in the am.
    Cupcakes and brew (beer) in the pm.
    What a plan!


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