Honestly, I’ve written about 4 drafts to post this week.  I’m just having a little bit writer’s block.  AND I’m sorry for making promises of posts to come and not posting…


My new olive dress and salmon tank top

Passover dinner and Easter

Summer travel plans

1% changes project at Naptime Diaries


The truth is it has been a hard week.  I’m just saying because I think that other people go through hard weeks too, not just me.  Amen out there?  Anyway, it’s been hard in that for the first time in my life I literally have no clue what’s coming.  Not that we can ever really know how our lives are going to turn out, but we do all make plans and hope those plans happen.  So it was for us.  I’ll just say we’ll be in Texas for the most of the summer, and you can expect (maybe?) more budget ideas from the blog coming up because we are on a MAJOR budget.


In the midst of the hardness, uncertainty, and erased plans, God has given us a day full of bountiful fresh water.  Babysitting gigs, serving at a graduation party, a hopeful job this summer.  We were in the grocery store today trying to find the cheapest paper towels when an older couple gave us a coupon for $2.75 off.  I just cried on the paper goods aisle because it was sweet.  He provides, even for the little things.

So, all of that.  And some pictures to make up for those nonexistent posts!  :D

I made some homemade dye for my eggs this year.  It was really easy and so so fun!  We used boiled water, blueberries and lemon juice to get blue.  Boiled water, turmeric, and vinegar for yellow.  Coffee grinds for brown.  Raspberries for red. Paprika for orange.  Mix yellow and blue for green.  It was really cool.

Scotch tape for designs… :)

Pancakes, tea/coffee, and caramel cadbury eggs for the perfect Easter breakfast.  We really had a sweet time out by the pool, canoeing on the creek, playing the piano, and reading the Bible.

Lastly, to add to this potluck post, you should go download this cd right now (If you haven’t already been listening to it for the past year, don’t know this guy, haven’t received a copy in the mail from me, or want to be happy listening to awesome music).

VALLEY MAKER  Best $5 you ever spent, I promise.  (1 year later)


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