Yellow pleats gone wrong


(that means well in southern)

Sometimes you overbook your schedule and you have to cancel on friends… and then you get cancelled on… and somehow you find yourself with an unexpected free evening, so you take advantage of it.

By baking cookies.

By taking self portraits.

By sewing your very first homemade skirt on your brand new sewing machine.

Sometimes the skirt doesn’t turn out very well.

It’s not bad for my VERY FIRST skirt ever.  No pattern, no skills.  Just love and inspiration and some great fabric my momma sent me in the mail.  I was supposed to make an apron but I really just wanted to wear it all the time.  You should see the back…

But I’ll probably wear it anyways :)

We have a good time together.

Facebook pitcha!

Love y’all.  Teach me how to sew.


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