Cadbury and Cabernet

Dinner for champions.  I really need to clean up my eating habits but, at the end of the day when you’ve worked 3 hours longer than you were supposed to and you don’t really feel like cooking, cadbury will do it.  Cadbury CARAMEL Eggs.  Go buy yourself one and thank me later.  :)

Update on the 20 lbs I was supposed to lose by May 1st- I’m halfway there!  So candy for dinner is ok every now in then, right?

In celebration of being in the 140’s officially, I went shopping!  Our local coffee shop had a one day vintage sale last night and look what I found!

7 For All Mankind jeans $4 !!!

A man's HUGE soft shirt that I turned into a dress for $4


So cute.  I talked to the guy behind the counter for a while and learned some great ideas for searching yard sales and estate sales.  And he taught me how to recognize good Levi’s by the buttons and tags.  Y’all.  If you go to a yard sale and find something awesome that isn’t your size, buy it anyway.  Then sell it on ebay.  You can make a living on that kind of thing, and at the very least some icecream money.

A long time ago one of my best friends told me that my style was “Classic American Apparel”.  Recently a different best friend told me that my wardrobe was plain and solid and that inspired her to tone down her outfits.  I took those two comments and decided today that I need to venture out of my comfort zone.  So I went shopping with full inspiration and confidence in my print finding skills.  I came out with an olive silk dress and a salmon tank top.

To thine own self be true.





2 thoughts on “Cadbury and Cabernet

  1. I love the man’s t-shirt dress! Thanks sharing your idea. Can you please post photos of your new olive silk dress and salmon tank top! Preferably with the new slimmer you in them!? :)


    • Jess, I love you for this comment! Yes, I will post pictures of me in my new clothes :) They both came from Target btw.


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