A little bitta pop

Everyone is talking about Spring!  There has been little sprouts all around the country, and it looks like our sunny afternoons and spontaneous rain showers are here to stay.  Hooray!

My little Maddie at work just turned two last week.  She’s cute and fiery and hilarious to the bone!  Her favorite thing to say right now is, “Drink a pop?”.  That means she wants a drink of anything.  All drinks are pop.  Pop = soda OR coke, if you grew up anywhere near me.  She’ll sit in the window sill all day long with a stack of sippy cups and ask each cup if they want a “drink a pop”.

It’s inspiring, truly.  Pop to me sounds like…


Your shirt really makes that outfit POP.  That blue dress really makes your eyes POP.  The colors in that painting really make the whole thing POP.  That word is just bursting with happy thoughts.

So, without further ado, here is some POP for you…

Shabby Apple $84

Anthropologie Quilt $198

Anthropologie $198

Essie $8

Tis (almost) the season

I would also recommend adding sprinkles to your icecream and cupcakes.

You could also check out these blogs for some more colorful inspiration:

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Kelle at Enjoying the Small Things – oranges groves, beautiful pictures, and outfits to die for

Kelsey May at Endless Rain – butterscotch week and waffles the bunny

and if you have wedding thoughts or want to plan a spring party you should look at these pretty things:


Once Wed

Style Me Pretty

Snippet and Ink

Happy Spring!


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