Sweet life

I just chased a bee around my living room.  He finally flew out the front door… we had a nice talk though.

Life right now is exciting.

Adam and I are just giddy about our future and Jesus, and we are crazy about each other.  We’re in a sweet marriage phase, and I am praising the Lord for such a precious time. Adam gave me a sewing machine for our anniversary!!!  I say, who cares about the traditional paper present, right?  I can’t wait to get my feet in a fabric store.  Hmm Hmm!

I also have a big smile on my face about the mail lately.  My sweet cousin sent me cook book about easy gluten free baking!  I am so excited to try out all of the recipes, and will probably be posting some on here as soon as I get in the kitchen.  I might not even tell you that it’s gluten free specifically, because everything looks so delicious like it came right from The Cheesecake Factory.  Thank you, Heather!

So, we have big news…

I’ve been beating around the bush about this a little bit, but we wanted to make sure we let our families know first.  Adam and I are moving back to South Carolina!  We are so excited!!  Adam is graduating soon with a Masters in Biomedical Science while simultaneously getting certified to be a teacher.  We hope to find a cute little house with wooden floors and a backyard for hosting, and we hope he gets to teach high school.  We are really feeling led in this area and appreciate your prayers for us!

Our estimated time of arrival will be mid June- mid July.  With a few weeks of vacation, we are already planning what we want to do.  If anybody wants to go out for coffee, picnic at the park, walk by the river, go out to dinner, shop at thrift stores, or sit around the kitchen table and talk all evening I would love that.  Let’s make our schedule.  I think we will have a “Welcome to our House” party (hopefully in the great backyard!), and you are all invited!  Community is sweet.

This is all so exciting for me, and I want to hear your heart too.  What is your sweetest thought this week?


5 thoughts on “Sweet life

  1. your preface made me SURE you were going to say you’re pregnant. everyone’s having babies right now!

    I am so happy for you, that you’re happy about this move! I don’t know if Lufkin is on the way to South Carolina, but if it is, you and Adam are more than welcome to stop and rest at our place!


    • Haha I knew that would happen. I debated prefacing with “I’m not pregnant, but”. I think I say those 4 little words a lot, and it’s completely necessary due to the large number of people who get excited every time I say, “I have something to tell you”.


      • haha it’s so true. now that i’m married, i can’t say “i’m feeling sick” or, “ooh i’m craving _________” if I don’t want to get harassed about being pregnant.


  2. YAYYYYYYYYYY….so excited the news is out! I cannot wait to go thrifting w/ you sweet friend. and have a double date!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you


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