A lovers vacation

Adam and I celebrated with strawberries and lavender cupcakes.  Oreo chocolate truffles.  Coffee and mexican coke.  Dancing.  Lots of dancing to songs from the Black Eyed Peas and “Brown Eyed Girl”.  We hugged our friends and family.  We ran into the night with sparklers over our heads anticipating a week of celebrations in Mexico and the beginning of life together, married for all of the years to come.  This, of course, was our wedding reception- the big one.  We had actually gotten married the night before to a small group of close family and friends, all of whom contributed to our special day.  That week was one of the best weeks of my life.




Every day it gets better.

That was a year ago!  This week, we celebrated our first anniversary with a lovely trip to Austin and Mustang Island.  We went to eat at the best Mexican restaurant around, shopped at a book store, went to the movies, slept in an oversized hotel bed that had the softest feather pillows.  We went to the natural grocery store, ate our favorite empanadas and iced chai tea, drove to the ocean, roasted marshmallows next to the sea, and slept under the stars.  Then we did it all again the next day.

We talked and held hands.

We laid in the sunshine and watched the sailboats.

We ate as much food as we wanted to, and our bellies were satisfied.

We went to sleep when the sun went down, and woke up far later than the sunrise.   And we took naps.

We didn’t work or check email or babysit or clean up or count calories or put on make-up.

we could drive on the beach

It was the sweetest escape.


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