Gluten Free

I’m going to just spill all of the beans out of my belly and tell you about my gluten free life


it’s all I can think about.  Mostly.

To begin with, it has been almost exactly a month since I decided to go (mostly) gluten free.  In case you didn’t see on facebook or read my previous post about it, I am doing this because my doctor highly recommended it.  From here on out (on this post anyway) I am going to be completely forthcoming, truthful, and a little vulnerable about all of my health problems.  Just in case it will help somebody reading.  And as a warning, it may get ugly.  (So if you don’t want to hear about me and yucky health you should stop reading now.)

My problems started at the end of 2009.  I had just moved to PA to live with my parents for a time, and I thought that I was allergic to everything.  I started getting ridiculous seasonal allergies, extreme stomach aches/terrible bathroom stories, and had my first experience with kidney stones.  Basically, I thought I probably had a terminal illness.  I was tired ALL OF THE TIME.  I googled and googled and googled (bad idea) all of my symptoms.  I went to a few doctors who were not helpful, and since I didn’t have insurance decided that I would just deal with everything on my own.  I was confused, my mom thought I was lactose intolerant, and I prayed that not even the worst of terrorists would ever have to experience a kidney stone.

I got married about 8 months later, got insurance, went to doctors.  I was finally diagnosed with the following:

Thyroid Disease

Irritable Bowel Syndrome which leads to Kidney Stones

Retroverted Uterus



… Terrible combination of things to have.  One day I woke up and realized that I was taking 9 different medicines and decided that 23 is way too young for that.  From that day forward I vowed to pursue all things natural and healthy.  That is what led to me to the Maya Massage Therapist who, so far, has been an invaluable help.  She’s the one who recommended going gluten free.

I started eliminating it from my diet.  One little miracle led to another.  I found myself having less frequent tummy aches, no more 3 hour naps, no more kidney pain, no more uterus pain, a lot more happy, and I started losing weight.  Hallelujah!

Enter this weekend… my Chick-fil-a story.  I ate it all man, and I got so sick.  So sick in fact, that I couldn’t even function on a gorgeous day in my favorite city with my favorite man.  And I new right away, gluten was now my enemy, not just my foe for a few months.  I have serious questions about it, and started researching a lot of things about Celiacs Disease among other things.  I’m not claiming that, and I believe that God heals and has reign in me, so I’m not worried about it.  I am looking at the implications though.  All I know is I was sick, I eliminated gluten, I was better.  I ate gluten, and now my healing process has started over.  Anyone have any thoughts on that one?

The biggest question I get from people is, “Can you eat anything?”.

Yes, yes I can. I will save gluten free eating for another post, but let me just say this-

I think if you are having health problems similar to mine, gluten free could help you too.  I’ll let the Holy Spirit tell you if it’s a good idea for your body or not.  But do let me know if you have questions or if you are secretly thinking about it.  I want to help, and I want to find a community of other people who have to pack their lunchbox every day now too.

If you made it through this crazy post, kudos and thank you!


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