Kites of my heart

The Kite Festival.

Adam and I had been looking forward to it for weeks, and I was pretty certain it was going to be a highlight of my Texas lifetime.  Friday night we went and picked out some comfy camp chairs so we could sit in the crowds with our eyes turned towards the sky.  We moved everything that was on our Saturday schedule to Sunday, and we woke up early so we could get a good spot.

We drove to Austin, and we found the park.  We saw the porta-potties, the parking lot, the fields… we saw the signs.  Only 8 kites.  We checked our watches.  12:00.  Perfect time.  We circled the park.  Still only 8 kites.  Too many to think it was just a good day for kite flying, too few for it to be one of Austin’s most loved festivals.  I pull out my handy smart phone to find out why in the world the kite festival was cancelled and we were the only ones who didn’t know about it…

The Kite Festival. was. today.  Sunday.

We were a whole day early.  Biggest bummer of my life (minor/major exaggeration, but my heart thought so).  Oh kite festival, how I longed for you.  It’s kind of funny today that we missed it.  It wasn’t funny yesterday.

So my handsome and fun loving husband dragged me to the Botanical Gardens.  It was nice, but it wasn’t kites.  We still had a blast together.

And now it’s time for a confession.  This gluten free girl is actually seriously allergic to gluten.  I had Chick-fil-a on Friday for dinner… sandwich, fries, Chick-fil-a sauce… the works.  And after the botanical gardens it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Nausea, tummy ache.  I even skipped lunch, and that never ever happens.  I like food too much to miss lunch.  And I was miserable and hunched over in the car parked on the side of the road while we waited for my gluten sensitivity to pass me by.  It did eventually.

So two things then-

1. No more gluten for me for real.

2. Kite Festival, I will always love you.



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