It’s here, and I hope to stay!

I’m really drawn to nude colors and light pinkish/tannish things.  In the Bedenbaugh dream world, we spend our days on a sailboat telling island babies about Jesus while we splash next to coral fish and dolphins.  (Or eating coral fish and dolphins, depending on which one of us you ask)  Was that a bad thing to say?  So, in all of my dream scenarios, I am wearing something nudish, pinkish, tannish, with flowers and bows.  I think I’m getting ready to hit a stage of girly things.  I’m ok with it.

Here’s what I like!

Hmmm hmmm.

So, I’m saying, if anyone wants to pick me up something like this here it would be ok with me.  Or come thrift store shopping with me!  Or, say, you were cleaning out your closet and found one of these and you didn’t want it, I could be your Goodwill.  Whichever.

Tell me what colors/items/dreamy things you are wanting, and if I spy something under $20 I’ll send it your way (or at least a link) :)


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