Tricks of the trade

I went into Sephora the other day for the very first time…

candy. store. for. me.

I wanted everything.  Except that I could buy an entire buggy full of clothes at Goodwill for the price of a single eyeshadow.  So, I settled in on some free perfume samples.  I’m always down for that!

All of those high cost beauty supplies got me thinking about what I could actually do or make at home for way less.  Here’s my little list of cheap tricks:

1. Hydrogen Peroxide- whitens teeth like wow.  I’ve been using it morning and night for about 4 days now, and I’ve already seen a huge difference in color.  I dip my toothbrush in some of this and brush.  I’ve also heard swishing between teeth or mixing it with baking soda to create a paste works wonders too.  All I know is, I like it.  And if the taste bothers you, you can immediately imagine how Crest White Strips taste and feel better.  Because that’s the main ingredient in most at home whitening systems.

(Another note about peroxide and baking soda: Mix it together to form a paste and brush it on the armpits of all your white t-shirts.  Stain = gone.)

2. Olive oil and sugar- I already mentioned this on my blog before, but it’s a goodie.  Mix equal parts oil and sugar to create a delicious body scrub.  You could add a little perfume or extract of your choosing to make it smell nice.  It feels really nice on winter hands, too.

3. Window units (air condition)- After painting your fingernails, go turn your AC on really cold.  Stand with your hands in the airstream for about 2 minutes.  I promise, your nails will look like you went to the salon.  It hardens the polish before you have time to make indentions.  The freezer works in winter, but not as well.  In my current apartment, we don’t have a window unit… last summer I stood on top of the toilet to reach the vent.  It’s worth every bit of weird.

4. Fresh lemon – I just started using this for acne.  I’ve consistently tried a lot of things, even everything the dermatologist recommended, and nothing has worked for me.  I’m on day 2, but so far I’ve noticed some nice changes.  I’m giving it few weeks.  Just slice a lemon in half and rub the juice on your bad spots.  Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse.  Moisturize afterwards for obvious reasons.  It doesn’t burn my skin, but if you have sensitive skin you can dilute it with water.

5. Cold water- after showering, rinse your entire body with cold water, especially your hair, armpits, nether regions, and feet.  I read that this was good for detox, but it also closes your pores preventing excessive b.o.  It’s worked really well for me.  I’m a nanny, and I chase down children all day long, so trust me on this one.  It makes your hair shiny.  It also makes my face feel smooth.  It doesn’t sound fun, but it’s actually kind of refreshing.

Those are my favorite, but I want to know more!  What are your cheap tricks?



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