I love you guys a lot!

I also love this headband…


I have one and wear it all the time.  I was thinking…. since I love it so much… and I love you guys so much… I should give you a present.  So cheers!  It’s my first giveaway!!

All you have to do is comment and tell me about something (or someone) you love!  Include your name and email address, please.  If you would like a second entry you can facebook, tweet, or blog about the giveaway.  Just post another comment letting me know you did so!  I’ll be picking the winner through to make sure everyone gets a fair chance.  The lucky reader will be chosen on Valentine’s Day at or around 9 pm Central Time.  :)

Happy Valentine’s weekend!




12 thoughts on “Giveaway!!!

  1. One of my little sisters has one and she absolutely loves it! She’s the baby of the family.. her birthday was actually last week.. Feb 10th. She’s the valentine’s day baby…”the LOVE baby” haha! :)


  2. hello sweet friend
    yay…i giveaway (i hope i win, i hope win, i hope i win) anyways onto who and what i love. I will start by saying how much i LOVE my husband! he is the most thoughtful, sweet, caring, kind, godly, supportive, handsome man i know and i don’t know where i would be without him. When i’m not with him i want to be and my heart beats a little faster when i see his name come up on my phone or text. i love my husband!
    i also love shoes! flipflops, heels, BOOTS, flats, highheeled boots, fuzzy boots, opentoed heels. Shoes make an outfit and the perfect shoes make my day:) when i have on a good pair of shoes i’m all like – look out world here i come!!!! i am in need of a pair of flat brown boots so hopefully i will find a cheap pair very soon (to add to my rather large shoe collection) but i do wear every pair…sigh…anyways i hope i win your lovely headband!
    love ya darling


  3. How wonderful that you’re doing a giveaway Erin! I love Jesus, my husband, and getting lost in really good books. Oh and staying on the couch while it rains outside. And the fact that for valentines day, Luke is watching Mamma Mia with me :)


  4. I think Adam entered so he could win it for you Erin. Then you wouldn’t have to give it away! :)

    I love my family with all of my heart!


  5. What a cute idea Erin!
    Well I think something (& someone) that I love is my church. Hill has been my Columbia family for over three years now and it is the reason I STILL enjoy Columbia. The people are great (wink, even those who have moved away), our leaders are humble, and the God we worship is ever graceful and loving.

    PS miss you guys and I love your blog.


  6. I’d love it. I cherish all the clothes that were yours that now hang in my closet. I love wearing them- and wear them often! :-) You’re precious.


  7. Erin! Your blog is so sweet. :)
    I love that headband and wouldn’t mind wearing one so let me tell you about someone I love very much…
    Erin, you are one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Your joy is so contagious your spirit is so kind. Although we only had a short time together, I know I’ve made a life long friend in you, and I’m so thankful for that!
    Say hello to Adam for me!


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