It’s almost Valentine’s Day!

And that means…. love.  For me anyways.  I grew up receiving balloons, roses, and chocolate from my momma the morning of.  I was the girl that bought all of my friends chocolate roses and made homemade valentines for everyone in the class.  I cut out pink, red, and purple letters out of old magazines.  I wrapped little candies up in cellophane and tied them with a big bow.  One time I got a ha-yuge stuffed red bear from my mexican friend that was literally bigger than me (long story.  I think I gave it to Goodwill).

The first Valentine’s Day I had with Adam was a no go.  I pulled a big muscle in my back and just slept.  The second year we were long distance.  This year… fondu in the living room, baby!  And thankfully, fondue is gluten free friendly.  Yay.

Our couch is red, so it doesn’t take much to make the house looking cute for the holiday.  I, on the other hand, don’t have a lot of red things.  Just a cardigan, which is enough for me to make anything look like I’m dressed for the occasion.  My closet is about 50% dresses, and if I was going to spend my money on something new it would probably be another dress.  So here’s what I would wear on Monday if, you know, I owned any of them.

$40 Etsy

$98 Etsy

$550 Etsy

$153 Asos

$125 Etsy

$269 Asos

I could possibly wear a dress every day.  Sewing machine, wear are you when I need you?


One thought on “Lovins

  1. dearest friend,
    i am spending the whole week with my children at work and i packed light (thinking i would be able to go home and get clothes) so in went 1 pair of jeans a few tops and my fav accessories. Chances are, on Wednesday, the day i was supposed to go home and gather more clothing one of my sweet little girls got sick and we went nowhere. Tonight i finally went home and guess what i got to wear tomorrow – you guessed it a DRESS – with leggins, and a cardigan of course:) your blog made me smile because i had missed wearing a dress all week! oh and Old Navy has some adorable dresses right now, florally, soft, and flowy ($34.50) just so you know. The clearance was good too, a tank top for $3.50 and a cardigan.
    I love you


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