My new undertaking

Oh my heart, how I’ve missed you my little blogaboo.

I had a day today that has never happened before.  Texas turned into the North Pole again, and literally I’ve never been so cold.  Not even a few days before Christmas in New York City with snow on the ground and the wind blowing through concrete city.  Our car was frozen shut when we left the house today.  We poured hot water on the doors and pulled until we thought the windows were going to shatter.  And when we finally got on the road, the rain would freeze over so fast that we had to pull over every 3 minutes to scrape off the windshield.  I’m not exaggerating.  Every. 3. minutes.

But we made it to Austin!  And do you know what all of that crazy was for?  My dear maya massage.

I know I said I was going to review it, but I think it’s kind of too awesome to explain.  I went in, had my consultation, got a belly massage, learned how to massage my belly at home, and acquired some herbal remedies to help my body heal naturally.  If you want details, I will give them.  It was so easy.  I recommend this to everyone who is a female.

My friends, I have joined the crazy wagon.  AND I AM SO EXCITED!  I, officially, am going gluten free.  Actually, I’m terrified.  It was recommended by the doctor, so I can no longer pretend like it would be a good idea maybe someday kind of.  It just IS a good idea for me.  I don’t even know where to start.  I walked into my house tonight looking for dinner and landed on some pinto beans and grapefruit juice because it was the only thing I could wrap my brain around that didn’t have gluten.  I promise I won’t always write about my adventures in this.  But if anybody out there is gluten free, I need some help.  And maybe someday I’ll be able to help you back.

The rest of the day was spent eating wonderful vegan peanut butter cups and walking around the art museum with my sweet hubs.  I’m so thankful he supports me.  He isn’t doing the gluten free thing, though.  So that’s another something we’re going to need help with.  A house divided?

Guys, I’m going to make a little promise to you.  I will start blogging again more often about things that don’t center around my health.  It’s just literally what I’m walking through every day right now.





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