Make it up

Gracious me, it has snowed in the dessert!  And I for one have pulled out all of my stops with hot chocolate, scarfs, mittens, hats, snow boots, pea coats, and leg warmers.  :)  We did venture out this morning, and there is absolutely no snow plow or salt truck to be found in this city.

And that, my friends, is why we did a 180 on the exit ramp to the Temple Mall.

And why everyone and everyone was driving 13 mph and spinning through stop lights.

It was a little bit fun.

Then I came home and took a nap while the snow melted.


I was telling you guys the other day about how I’m turning into a chef.  Well, I think part of learning how to cook is failing.  Totally and completely failing.  That’s what I’m going to tell myself anyway (or actually what Adam keeps telling me after every failed dinner disaster).  Let’s just say I tried a few recipes with my quinoa that I thought were going to be the gateway to new taste bud life.  I failed.  Multiple times.  Then Adam tried and threw a bunch of stuff from the fridge into a pan with the quinoa and made my taste buds dance.  So, I’m pretty sure it’s me.

Anyway, tonight I was craving something asian.  anything asian.  I have some great noodles made out of pumpkin, ginger, and rice and was inspired to make a sauce.  You guys, it was goooooood.  Really, really good.  So good that I might go make another batch and eat another bowl of asian noodles right now.  I’ll tell you the ingredients and you can be a chef too and make your own sauce for your noodles.  I don’t have measurements because I pretty much just grabbed a bowl and started pouring things into it.  Here’s your list of inspiring ingredients:

White truffle oil (Sesame oil would be good too.  White truffle is expensive but oh so earthy and yum.)

Soy sauce

Sherry vinegar (Rice vinegar is more asian, but we don’t have any)


Fresh ginger

I added the ginger on top of the noodles and sauce.  I like my ginger by the strip, but you could grate it small for a more subtle flavor.  It would also be amazing to add some green onions, sesame seeds and pork, chicken, or beef.  Nice to meet you new Bedenbaugh family staple!

No picture this time because noodles and brown sauce doesn’t really look appetizing.  But it is.  Now you, my chef friend, go make up something in your kitchen and let me know what happens!  Because I know I’m not the only one that fails and succeeds in the kitchen.  Ebb and flow, baby.



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