Loving luxurious camping

I’m the kind of lady that really likes nature.  I like the sun, rain, wind, animals, snow, clouds, stars, everything.  I love to hike and swim in water holes, lay on sandy beaches, climb trees, listen to my echo in the canyons, wade through rivers on a horse, etc.

I also like to be clean, smell nice, sleep on fancy beds, walk around in my booties, and eat food from a top chef’s kitchen.

I like vacations an awful lot.

Enter glamping.  Glamorous camping.  Hi!  You are my perfect match!

Adam and I glamped on our honeymoon.  We stayed at a glorious boutique hotel in Mexico.  Imagine being totally outside and totally inside at the same time.  Homemade spa soaps and face masks with an outdoor shower.  Hiking up to the infinity pool and fully stocked library.  Luxurious bed linens surrounded by mosquito nets.  Wifi by candlelight.  5 course dinners under the stars with a complete waitstaff.  Cute raccoons named Avocado who snack on the chocolate by your bed while you sleep.  It can’t get any better than that.

So I’ve been researching.  A lot.  And I’ve found some glamping spots in the US!  I’ve also been dreaming up ideas of how I could glamp in my own tent at my own location.  We might go glamping for our anniversary if I can figure out something that’s really low cost.

Basically, glamping is awesome.

Totally my style!  Maybe someday I will make my house and home just a big glamp on some land somewhere.  And I’ll make a guest glamp house for anyone who wants to come visit us.

Are you tired of the word glamp yet?



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