A little list of buckets

Nothing official or anything, but I’m not sure how long I’ll be in Texas.  Could be a month, could be a year, could be a hundred years.  In any of those cases, there are some things I’d like to do before I leave this wonderful place.  Who knows when I’ll be on this side of the country again!

Texas Bucket

1. Go on a mini road trip with Jessica Gallagher

2. See a show (or at least get a cowboy coffee) with Jessica G at Common Grounds

3. Camp on that beach, right by the pier, where you can drive your car in the sand

4. Visit Brent in Norman

5.  Go to Homeslice, Spider House, and the Alamo Drafthouse one last time.

6. Take a dance class at Ballet Austin

7. Go to ACL

8. Be in a show at Bodega Bean

9. Walk on the riverwalk in San Antonio, and eat at Acenar.

10. Go see Burt in Houston

11. Drive to where it’s just flat and sandy, and you can see for miles

12. Spend a day with Luke and Kelsey in Lufkin

13. Big Bend

14. Marfa

15. Fredricksburg

16. Photography project “A Day in the Life of the Francis’s”

17. Spend the night at Ellen’s in Georgetown for another long holiday

18. Sail with Cammy

19. See Brit fire spin

20. Spend as much time as possible with Matt and Dani, and talk about Be Transformed

21. Hear Maddie say my name for the first time before I’m not her nanny anymore

22. Laugh and cry and cheer as loud as I can when Adam graduates!

23. Eat at Chuy’s and have dessert at Katie’s custard

24. Spend the night at Sinya (yay glamping!)

25. Meet Alexandra Valenti

This list is not exhaustive, but it’s a good start.  I’m not sure I will get to do all of these things.  But maybe!  And guys, if I’m missing an important one, please add it to my bucket list :)



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