Musususustard Please

I think Etsy reads my blog.

Haha just kidding, but that would be cool. They definitely didn’t read my blog, however, they DID send me an email about all things mustard yellow.  I love it!  It was a total gem today when the rest seemed filled with wild children and dilated eyes from the Opto.  I’m on the lookout for some new glasses.  Anyone know of any cool glasses places?

So about this mustard yellow.  Remember a couple of days ago I said that I don’t have a favorite color, but if I did it would be that.  I decided it is definitely that.  It’s actually a terrible name to describe this happy color.  Maybe I’ll change it to golden yellow like the color of fall leaves and gold cherries.

Thanks, Etsy, for my little list of love and mustard.  I think I will go to the fabric store and try to create all that I see below.  If I get good, you can all be expecting good Christmas presents this year :)

$33  Why hello there cute belt!  You are pretty.


$27  I’m not sure HOW to make this shirt, but if I could gather enough cloth and some needle and thread… just waiting until I get a sewing machine.

$10.50  Guys, don’t let me make this.  I would wear it every day and you would be tired of seeing it.

$18 Same thing in a necklace.

$20 Hello cute!

$33 A little Mexicali comfort.  Believe me when I say Jersey knit t-shirts should be worn at all times.  They are so comfortable!

I’d throw in a nice mustard bag and a mustard knit hat thing.

Oh me oh my!  Mustard, if you are going to be this tasty, count me in!



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