Chalkboard Window

For Christmas, my sweet friend Amanda gave me an old window.  I really love windows!  We have a blank one sitting on top of our bookcase in the living room.  We have one with a song written on it hanging in our bedroom.  We even used one at our wedding!

This week, I had a little streak of creativity with my gift from Panda… a chalkboard window!  Adam took the glass pieces out of the frame, we painted some wooden boards (cut to size) with chalkboard paint, and caulked the rough edges to make a smooth finish.  It looks so good hanging in our kitchen!  I hope this inspires a little something something in your house.

I love it!   I’d give it an intermediate on the easy/hard scale.  If you have something to cut wood with, don’t mind a little sweat trying to fit the boards into the frame, have some painting overalls and a little motivation, then you can do this.

Happy Friday!


5 thoughts on “Chalkboard Window

  1. I LOVE IT – I want to make one!!! i’m going to try but if i can’t do it will you help me when you move back to columbia???? how did you get the wooden (painted chalk boards) to stay back in the window! you are so creative. would love to see pics of the window in your bedroom and above the book shelf!!!


    • I will totally help you, but I think you could do it! :) On our window there was some caulk holding the glass into the window. We pulled the caulk away from the glass and pulled the glass out. Then cut the wood to match the exact size of the glass, put the wood back into the frame, and re-caulked it. I hope that makes sense. Adam will make you one when we get back to town if you want him to :) Our other two windows are just plain, but I’ll take some pictures for you!


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