A few new things to chew


You folks are reading out the roof.  I feel honored and little sheepish.  Thank you for your interest in what is going on with my family and me!  You guys are the best :)

I have a theory.  I started taking prenatal vitamins (because they are made from whole foods, and they must be totally great for your body if you can take them while pregnant) (i’m not pregnant) (they smell like apples).  I have taken 2 of these poppers every day since Christmas and have not missed a day.  Everyone around me has been sick.  Yet somehow, I am not sick.  Say whaaaaat? I am literally always sick.  And haven’t even had a runny nose since Christmas.  So here is my theory: take vitamins every single day and do not miss a single day ever and it will help your immune system.  This is not scientifically proven (actually, I haven’t researched it), but I think it’s true.  So try some prenatals everybody!

My other theory is that it’s my thyroid pills.  Or possibly, I’m just happy with everything on the calendar this year.  Whatever, I’m just happy I’m not sick.  Praise the Lord (also, Lord, please don’t let all of this talk about vitamins be a jinx.  I don’t even believe in jinxes.  But thank you I’m not sick)!

Also, I booked a maya massage!  That thing I was telling you about that is supposed to help with all kinds of issues in your tummy area.  It’s on February the 3rd.  I will review it.  Remind me later if I forget to.

Today for dinner we had bolognese again.  Let me tell you.  It is somehow way better the second day.  Maybe all of the flavors had time to get cozy together.  Anyway, my new recommendation for that recipe is to cook it the day before you want to eat it.  Oh man.  Delush.  We even have enough for 2 or 3 more meals.  This recipe has actually changed my life a little bit.  I have suddenly decided that I’m a good cook, and it makes me want to be in the kitchen taking days off of work to make scrumptious meals, like, every afternoon.  What is that about?  I always new I could follow a recipe but for some reason I only ever tried that with baking.  I like to think I’m a pretty good baketress.  But just an ok cook.  Look out culinary school.  Just kidding.  What I meant was look out cookbook aisle.  I think I’ve found a new hobby!

Also, you veganites and gluten free birds and everyone who likes to eat healthy….

I found THIS and THIS

Gluten free goddess AND the spunky coconut

Two great blogs with great recipes and funny stories.  Enjoy!





3 thoughts on “A few new things to chew

  1. how’s your hair? do the prenatal vitamins help hair grow or thicken? ive heard it, but wondered if its happening to you. also, im watching himym and they are singing “bang, bang, bang-a-d-bang, i said-a bang, bang bang-a-d-bang”. thought of you two!


    • You are the best! Next time I come to Birmingham, let’s have a himym marathon together. I haven’t really noticed my hair thickening up, but that’d be really cool if it is! I’ll start looking at it.


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