Sail away with me

One of my favorite things about being married to Adam is his cleanliness. I have probably said that on here at least 10 times, but it’s just true.  This man is a serious ball of organized, and I love it!  Sometimes when he is gone I wonder how I even survived without him.  Everything in our home (almost) has a proper place.  If it were up to me, I’d probably just stack it all in a big pile in the corner and watch it grow to the ceiling until one of my occasional cleaning sprees hit.  It’s a good thing I married someone like him.

I’ll say it again (a thousand times!)… tomorrow is his birthday!  Babe, if I had all of the dollars to spend on you, this is what I would buy.  Everyone else, be inspired.

I’d get you this whole stack of old suitcases for whatever you want them for.  Effect pedal perhaps?

(tis actually a photograph selling on etsy, so I couldn’t actually buy you any of those)

I think the chalkboard itself is pretty cool.  I’d also buy you the bicycle.

J Crew $140  I think you’d look mighty handsome in this

We could hang this on our wall, but mostly I just like the screen printed burlap idea.  I’d buy you all of the supplies you need to keep on screen printing, and the burlap too.

I’d buy you this whole outfit from J Crew!  I don’t know how much it costs, because I didn’t add everything up.  But I think you would like all of the pieces.

I’d buy you this sailboat.  And I would pray that the sunsets were always this beautiful with no rain anywhere.

And finally,

THIS is something every man should read.  Instructions on style and etiquette.  It’s a good thing for wives to read too, just in case.  Besides, it’s super cute and it’s from J Crew.  So it’s also trendy (in case I lost anyone on the style or etiquette thing).

I love you husband!


3 thoughts on “Sail away with me

  1. Thank you, sweetie! I’m very excited about tomorrow, too, and if I would love if you could buy all of those things for me, especially the sail boat.


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