A little help and a guest blogger

Everyone, I have a favor to ask of you.

Our 1 year anniversary is coming in just 2 months.  Can you believe this year has gone by so fast?  It amazes me!  We absolutely have no idea what to do.  The budget is tight, the options are skinny, and yet we still want to do something really fun and celebrate together.  What kinds of things do you and your husbands (or wives) do for anniversaries?  What did you do for your 1st year?

Also, I got my wish.

But nobody knows what that wish was, so I will tell you!  I have a guest blogger lined up for tomorrow.  His name is…


Yes, the very same Adam who I am married too.  He is a delicious bread baker, and makes ciabatta bread regularly at our dinner table and dinner tables around the city.  For everyone who has asked for the recipe, come back tomorrow for all of the details on the deliciousness.  No bread maker necessary.



2 thoughts on “A little help and a guest blogger

  1. hey,
    i didn’t have a chance to read this yesterday so i will comment a day late!!! your first year anniversary is SOOO special (almost as special as your wedding day) you reflect over the past year and you ask God to help strengthen it more in the years to come.
    For our first anniversary we went to Charleston (thanks to you for giving us folly beach erin dear) and stayed in an adorable inn. We strolled downtown hand in hand, ate dinner at cute little places and shopped at the market. We also had a carriage ride but my favorite part was when we walked hand in hand on the beach and Zach told me how much he loved our first year of marriage and then he asked me what he could do to be a better husband. It was a wonderful, special time that we both reflect back on.
    I know you may not be able to go to charleston, but what about one night at a hotel or bed and breakfast! How special that would be for you!
    well i hope you can figure something out:)


    • You are sweet, panda. I will let you know what we decide! We are definitely doing something sweet, but don’t know what the details will be!


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