What the rain brings

Sometimes rain cancels our parades.

Sometimes, it’s a lovely day.  My rainy day was a books and quilts, home spa, Adam on the piano, pumpkin soy smoothie, Pinot Grigio kind of day.  The day rainy ones are supposed to be.  I am soaking in the sweetness of my husband asleep in the chair, the sounds of the rain pounding on my windows, and I came across this sweet thing…


It’s really similar to Oncewed, for everyone who is looking for wedding ideas for themselves, or just like to look at sweet pictures.  I sometimes look at vintage weddings to get ideas for my own home.  I think I want to do another photo shoot with Adam for our 1 year anniversary.

Look at these cute things!  There are DIY instructions on the Ruffled website (so everyone knows I didn’t take the above pictures).  Homemade chandeliers.  If you have girls, it would be cute to do this in pink over their bed.  Over the baby’s crib.  Over your own bed.  Over the kitchen table.  Outside on the back porch.  In a bowl on the coffee table.  Lots of ideas for these!  I think I’d like to try it above my breakfast table… perhaps!

They have a lot of other cutesy tootsy things on there.  I like it.

Also…….. This Wednesday is my honey’s birthday!  Everyone don’t forget.  He is turning a stunning 28 years old, and I believe it will be his best year yet.  At least, I’m praying on that one.  He is handsome, genuine, intelligent, patient, hilarious, and full of love for Jesus, me, and other people.  I like him a lot.  Cheers to your coming up birthday, my man.

This rain could happen again tomorrow.  I’d be ok with it.



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