Caramel and Raindrops

Im running out of steam on the old blog.  You know, that challenge I am supposed to be doing this month.  Blog every day!?  Why would I do that?


I’m committed.  So I’ll keep on writing.  Just like I got out from under the warmest covers in the world, put on my running shoes, and did 3 miles at the ole gym.  Because I’m totally committed to exercising.  And blogging.  Still working on the eating healthy thing though.  Eeek.

The hardest part has to be this middle season, right?


When I was little I used to make lists of all of my favorite things, things I liked, people I liked.  And when I say little, I actually mean that the last time I did that was probably a year or two ago.  So I’ve actually been making those kinds of lists for a long time.  I would sit on my bed and dream of happy things.  Here are some of my favorite happy things.

Jesus.   Icecream.   Sparkles.   Apples.   Laughing.   Paper.   Adam.

Lanterns.   Boots.    Wind.

Cuddling.   Honey.   Lindt.   String lights hanging from trees at night.

Family.   Scarves.   Dancing.   Babies.

Cooking with Adam.   Edamame.   Letters.

Spinach and artichoke dip.   Sailing.   Dresses.   Sweet friends.

Love.   Babka.

Chapstick.  Photographs.  Old things.  Homemade things.  Eskimo kisses.





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