If you like sweating more than cuddling

Well, this evening has been a knocker.  I don’t even know what that is.

So, I just googled it, and none of the definitions of knocker(a little dwarf who lives under the earth and shows miners where the ore is?) match the sentence I just wrote.  Anyway, what I mean by that is that this evening knocked me down a little bit.  I have a little tummy bug that got me for a few hours, and I’m in recovery.  Just in time to blog before bedtime!

For all of you who hated last night’s blog because it was about winter (Kayla, Meghan?), I’m here to appease.  Soon we will all be wearing golden sandals and white sundresses, playing in the fields of flowers with the breezes blowing through our hair.  Cheers to all things warm!

Smoothies and icecream cones

Lightening bugs

Freckled cheeks and freckled noses

Flowery perfume

Late night walks and talks


Drive in movies


Swimming and new bathing suits

Windows down

Taylor Swift (I think she = summer music)

Sunshine and Clouds

Tubing down the river

Ok, I admit to liking summertime.  Maybe not as much as fall.  Maybe equal to winter.  Is it ok to love all of the seasons the same amount?  Happy dreaming of vacations you guys.  I know I’m saving my money for a trip to the big blue sea.  Or (as I said in previous post) back to Verana, my dream town.

Scarf blankets from Mexico

Adam’s hat traveled to Verana with us.

My favorite summer dress and my favorite wedding rings.


Does everyone feel better now? :)



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