Just snow already

I miss the snow real bad.

When I was in PA, they had THE biggest snowstorm of the century.  We had a couple of feet for a couple of months.  I’m not kidding.  I’m a southern girl, raised in a southern world, and that snow was like a dream to me.  Imagine (as I’m sure SC is doing finely right now) a world of winter and fluffy snow.  It was cold, but not too cold.  I had a beautiful navy coat that went down to my knees, and I felt like was in Narnia.  I used to take walks down our street with the snow drifting all around me, wandering past lamp post after lamp post in Newtown.  Newtown=Narnia.  It made everything about winter more beautiful.

A cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate wasn’t just for yummy taste or caffeine.  It was for comfort and a little bit of joy on those nights when we were snowed in.  Fire places meant more than just a pretty dancing light in the living room.  I actually had to buy snow boots so that all of my shoes wouldn’t ice over.  I liked it.

It’s snowing all over the country right now.  Just not here.  I mean the weather is in the teens on a regular basis.  Come on, Texas.  If it’s going to be this kind of cold it needs to be beautiful outside.  I think Texas in winter is like a frozen desert.  Oh wait, it is a frozen desert.  Bare bushes and fields of dead corn covered in frost.  Not Narnia.

At the same time I can’t stop dreaming of Verana (where we went on the honeymoon).  I want to either be in a sundress reading a book in a hammock, or in my snow boots walking around snow town.  Just not the frozen desert.

Please, Texas, just a little snow.



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