For my brother

My brother doesn’t like homemade popcorn because he thinks it’s too soggy.  Fortunately, Adam cooks some really good homemade popcorn and he taught me all of the tricks!  Bucky, try this.  And anyone else who thinks they don’t like the homemade kind should maybe try this too. (Or if you totally love it and are looking for a new flavor!)  Also, please forgive the terrible format of my recipe.


Popcorn a’la Homemade

Serves 2 or 3

Popcorn kernels, just enough to almost cover the bottom of a small/medium sized pot.

Pour canola oil into the pot, just enough to cover  all of seeds.  As in soaked, not coated.  (Side note: Although olive oil is healthier, it is terrible on popcorn.  It has a distinct olive oil flavor that is hard to dismiss.)

Cover the pot with a lid and wait for the corn to start popping.  Medium high heat works well.  Once the seeds start to fill up the pot and you can’t see the bottom, start moving the pot around a little bit.  Do keep it on the heat.  This will help keep the bottom pieces from burning.  Your popcorn is finished when you don’t hear any more pops.

In the meantime, melt 1.5 tablespoons of butter in the microwaves.  When you are finished popping, pour the popcorn into a large bowl.  Pour butter slowly onto the popcorn.

This is the key…  Flip the popcorn immediately after you pour on the butter.

(Forgive the tongue.  That is my concentrate face.)

So flip it like so, but make sure you actually catch it!  It takes practice, but as you develop your popcorn flipping skills you will become more confident.

The best part of our homemade popcorn is the seasoning.  We use”Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasoning, White Cheddar”.  Fancy name, right?  It’s delicious!  Pour it onto your popcorn and flip it a little bit more.  No soggy popcorn for this family.

Love you Bucky!







2 thoughts on “For my brother

  1. oh my goodness you are wearing your new shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay! i love the purple silky, flowery shirt you bought me – it is adorable. i love you


    • I absolutely LOVE that shirt Panda. Really, I’m so happy you insisted that I get it. Normally I don’t wear pink, but it’s so cute.


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