Mispronounced words. Numero dos.

It’s that time again.  Another compilation of words that are pronounced wrong.  These are from a number of babies in my life including, but not limited to, River and the nanny kids.  Here goes!

Hanneger-  hamburger

Jumparee- trampoline

Hosannaclause- santa

Effalet- elephant

Fasanya- lasagna

Yeah man- yes maam

Yadis- Alex


I really am going to start carry around a pen and a piece of paper, because seriously those kids are funny.

What do your babies, nephews, nieces, friends, nanny kids mispronounce?



4 thoughts on “Mispronounced words. Numero dos.

  1. I have two favorite quotes from when my niece was a toddler. One was that she wanted to watch “The Crinkles of Yarnia” (Chronicles of Narnia).

    The other was when she was playing with her cousin Jackson, and she came to the top of the stairs and told us, “Jackson’s bein’ mad to me. He says I can’t say Injay Turtles.” (Ninja Turtles)

    Babies saying stuff wrong is soooo cute!


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