The cotton gin

I don’t really know if that’s what it is called..  But that is where Adam took me on our date last night!  If you live in Belton or anywhere close you know what I’m saying.  The place with The Weigh Station, Corona’s, and the fire pit.  Down from Bodega.  Anyone know what that’s called?

Anyway, we went there!  And it was the sweetest date.

Hot chocolate and dirty chai.

Soaked in the winter air.

Walked hand in hand by the river (by the river!) and in the alleyways.

Came home and danced in the living room to Marvin Gaye and Glee radio on Pandora.

Had a little photo shoot.  It was seriously the best date night in the world, and only cost $5.  Yum!

I clearly need to work on my National Geographic poses.  :)

Date night is always an important thing for us.  You engaged and married people should consider implementing date night at least once a month (if you have babies).  Once a week if you don’t have babies or if you can find a babysitter that much.  Adam and I had a day date once.  We rode bicycles in the rain, built a fort out of all of our blankets, watched movies, played music together, made homemade pizza.  It was the best!  We are probably re-living that day again sometime in the near future.  Doesn’t matter how old you are either.  Playing in the rain and finger painting is for grown ups too.

Happy Saturday!




2 thoughts on “The cotton gin

    • Double date night/photo shoot with you guys soon Kaybear. And, it will be summer when I see you next. That means summer dresses :)


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