Love to death!

I love the life out of things.

Like take shoes for example…  I will wear my favorite shoes until there are holes in all of the sides, I have to pour arm&hammer in the bottoms/perfume the tops, and they are whole 10 shades different than the color I bought them in.  It sometimes isn’t very pretty.  A few examples that my mom or husband might recognize: the dark denim flip-flops from 9th grade.  My beloved gold sequined shoes that I wore until there were holes on all 8 sides.  My black pointy low heel pumps that are totally scuffed up and the metal is poking out of the bottom (I still wear these)…?  My jelly shoes.  I wear them things out!  I will admit to loving shoes, buying shoes once or twice a month, and not being able to fit all of my shoes in my closet without making big stacks.  But the thing is I wear ALL of them, I wear them regularly, and I wear them out.  It’s passionate love.

Same with my clothes.  I cleaned out my closet this week in the spirit of all things new year and organized and actually had to throw away some things because they were so loved.

Same with my purses and my notebooks and my bibles.

Same with my friends.  I don’t actually want to love the life out of my friends, but in my head I love you a lot more than I probably will ever show out loud.  Sometimes I day dream about sending my friends flowers.  I dream about winning the lottery and decide how I would divvy it up amongst everybody.  If I read a facebook status or a blog about somebody who needs or wants something I almost always look it up online to see if I can afford to buy it for them.  My mom says that gifts is my love language.  I personally think I have about 4 love languages.  Too much?

I’ve blogged before about my favorite scarf.  You should know that I now have 2 favorites. The new one is mustard yellow and it’s beautiful.  So although none of the above things (except the friends) are important in the long run, they do make me feel a little more dance-y, spring step-y, comfortable, happy to smell the flowers.

And I was just wondering what your favorite thing is.  Please tell me what you love the life out of!  Also, it has to be a thing not a person.  I pick my scarf(s).  Write on!


3 thoughts on “Love to death!

  1. Did you get your hair cut? It looks short in this picture!

    My favorite things that I wear the life out of are sandals. I like to buy one pair at the beginning of the summer, and wear them every single day until the straps break :)


    • Oh, my hair is just in a pony tail! I wear the life out of sandals too! Usually mine break somewhere far away from home with no chance of finding fabric glue :)


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