Life as a nanny is all about love.

and evidence.

Paw prints on the stove… probably evidence that the puppy had a good lunch?

Pink icing on the couch… evidence that somebody stole a piece of cookie cake without asking.  Now to find the kid who has icing on his cheeks…

A snow of gel beads in the wash.  Evidence that I washed a pull up on accident. again.

Silence is usually good evidence that the kids are up to something sneaky, or they all passed out from playing too hard.

Other evidence- fridge left open. little dirty handprints. whispering. crayon.  You get the picture.

The holy spirit is evidence of salvation.

The more I thought about all of these things, the more I realized that my whole life is kind of evidence of who I am.  Who we are.  Most of the time we don’t explicitly say things out loud. Like, “Hey, I’m Erin, and I just bought a candle called Balsam and Cedar from Yankee Candle Co., and lit it so now my house smells like trees.  It is my favorite!”  All you really have to do is come to my house a lot and notice that I light this candle on a regular basis.  Deduction.  It must be my fave.  We don’t talk to each other in infomercials about ourselves (maybe some people do).

So, I look at myself and see evidence around me of what I do, what I like, what my clothing and decorating style is, what I like to cook, who my friends and family are.  And I look at what I say out loud on a regular basis and think in my head to see evidence of what I believe, what worldview I have, how Scripture manifests itself or doesn’t through me, if all of these things together show evidence that I am living in my Spirit like I want to be living.  Some things really do line up with what I want to be doing.  Some things really don’t.  Some things I think could go either way.

Anyway, I want everything I do to be evidence of who I am in my Spirit.

What does your evidence say about you?

Ok, long thought over.  Evidence that I care what you folks think about what I write on this blog?



I like him.

And I have a health tip for today!  If you like dark chocolate, buy the darkest kind that you can find.  Or at least over 75% dark.  Milk chocolate has more sugar and doesn’t have the same benefits as dark.  Whenever you have a craving for dessert, eat a square of chocolate.  It is good for you and usually satisfies my craving after just one square.  Sometimes two.  Try letting it melt in your mouth to make it last longer.

Ok guys, see you tomorrow!  And don’t forget to take notice of your evidence!


One thought on “Evidence

  1. Evidence – good word – it is the result of something else. We can see evidence but maybe not the cause of it. The Holy Spirit IS evidence of salvation. But we can’t SEE Him but we do see evidence of Him.

    What does this evidence look like? – A changed life! Change that could not happened before salvation. Change that we can’t make happen. Change that can only be attributed to the work of God. Change that brings our minds in line with the bible Truth. Change that makes me want what Jesus wants. Change that permits me to say no to Sin.

    Jesus said that if we love him we would keep his commands. Problem is “WE” can’t! We need the Holy Sprit.

    Consider my friend who tried and tried to loose weight – she could not. When she sought the Lord concerning it, the Holy Spirit convicted her of her sin – in this case, gluttonly. Evidence of his work was repentance that suddenly looked a lot like weight loss! But don’t even try to congratulate her on finally finding a DIET that worked. She will tell you how the Holy Sprit’s work on the inside will show itself on the outside.



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